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Living Well Healing Spa

​Using the power of touch to renew the whole person, inside and out!

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I used to get backaches from being on my feet or driving all day. Finding Nyel has changed my life! She helped relieve my pains, and taught me how to avoid back problems in the future.

Mike A.

The Well Experience

Prior to my first visit, I couldn’t even move my neck from side to side. Now I can move my neck in all motions and even participate in activities that I love--like salsa dancing! 

Sasha O.

Client Testimonials

​​​​​​​My Philosophy

I believe everyone can benefit from helping others. The idea of giving back really became prevalent when I met a business owner who introduced me to ‘giftivism’. What’s that you ask? Giftivism is the practice of transforming people’s lives through the small acts of radical kindness. It's asking yourself:

* How can I give back?

* How can I help another?

* How can I pass along love and compassion to someone in      need through my actions?

The idea of a day spa steeped in the fundamental principle of giftivism was birthed in my spirit. And who better to give to than those who may not think they could receive spa therapies. Combining the two concepts, I decided to make spa therapies accessible to all people regardless of health challenges or life circumstances. No longer is money, or the lack thereof, a deterrent for receiving beneficial healing arts therapy.

My vision is that we all contribute to the greater good by supporting one another through compassion, donation, and paying it forward. It’s my goal to have Living Well operating as a successful day spa, where no one is turned away for an inability to pay, and where everyone contributes resources to benefit others in the community. Help me spread kindness in Jacksonville, through giftivism and monetary donations, by demonstrating  generosity changes us, and we change the world.  

​About Nyel

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​Being an esthetician or a massage therapist is just a job for some, but at "The Well," the healing arts are a calling. Centering around compassionate touch and effective results, every service given is dedicated and committed to my clients' health and well being. Therapeutic touch has the potential to communicate in ways words never could, and heal in ways prescription medications never will. It is my desire to diminish the isolation of the human experience through physical contact, acceptance without judgement, and safety for expression.

My educational background includes degrees in Business and Psychology, Esthetic and Massage licenses, and completion certificates in many advanced theories/practices. My practical background includes over 15 years of hands-on experience in the spa, clinical, and medical environments. As an educator, I’ve instructed students in basic esthetics and massage theory, trained professional therapists in advanced studies, and conducted various workshops and seminars.

I believe people are the greatest investment and healing through touch is my blessing to others. Being passionate about contributing to something greater than myself is why I built my professional career on the foundation of service. It makes me happy to improve people's quality of life – one person at a time.  So come visit The Well— I guarantee you won't leave the same way you came!